PhD, assistant, Department’s academic secretary

Disciplines: Printing Production Technology: Prepress and Printing, Technology. Printing Production Technology: Bindings Processes.

Graduated from Publishing and Printing Institute of National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” in 2010 with a degree Printing and Publishing Technologies. Since 2008 has began working in "Yava-In" in the department of sales of consumables for offset printing.

Since September 2011 works at the Department. In November of that year enrolled in post graduate school of NTUU "KPI", specialty 05.05.01 "Machines and printing production processes", defended PhD thesis titled "Improving the durability of elements nip rollers in offset presses."

From May to June 2013 passed a course in English for young teachers from pre-press, printing and post-training in PrintPromotion Gmbh (Frankfurt, Germany) and AZP (Chemnitz, Germany). Has been trained at leading manufacturing plants and got experience with printing equipment: KBA, Kolbus, Kama, Perfecta and others.

Research interests: printing and binding processes, restoration and hardening of printing equipment, prepress publications.

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