Leading work positions in enterprises as well as in research and education in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine are hold by dozens of graduates of the Department. Among them:


B. Bochkovsky - deputy director of the publishing house "Muzychna Ukraina";

V. Brylytskyy - president of the company "Convi" (master degree in 2004);

V. Boiko - Chief Engineer OJSC "Polihrafknyha";

J. Wei - during training - foreman, then manager of a number of printing companies in Kyiv;

O. Velichko - D.Sc., Professor, Head of the Department of Reprography, PPI;

V. Verevkina - head of production in "Univest Marketing" company;

V. Vinyarski - director of typography at Military Academy and at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine;

V. Volkov - director of Fastiv city typography;

O. Zaslavsky - during training - foreman, then deputy chief engineer in branch publishing house "Pressa Ukrainy";

O. Zorenko - PhD, Associate Professor of the Department;

N. Kovalchuk - technologist at "Heidelberg Ukraine";

M. Nechiporenko - D.Sc., Professor, now – technical director for «Sun Chemical - Moskovskiye pechatnye kraski";

O. Pimenov - director of Kyiv's offset factory;

V. Samusev - director of the Publishing House "Reklama";

A. Susol - head of the printing at National Pedagogic University;

L. Taran - chief technologist of the publishing house "Pressa Ukrainy";

M. Yaroshenko - president of the board of JSC "Knyha" and others.


In recent years:


A. Hubernachuk - head of the printing production of typography of JSC "Blitz-Inform":

V. Koromyslov - manager at «MacHouse»;

V. Kurashyna - technologist at "Heidelberg Ukraine".

M. Merezhko - chief editor of «Print Week».

V. Misiyuk - manager at "Heidelberg Ukraine";

A. Pashkovskyi - technologist at Rubizhne cardboard plant;

M. Filimonchuk - technologist at publishing center of National Kyiv University;

R. Khokhlov (Stepanets) - PhD., assistant professor at the Department of Reprography;

A. Sergienko - chief technologist at "Univest-Print"