The higher education trainings for printing and publishing in Ukraine had formed in 1923 at Printing faculty of Kyiv Art Institute.

In comparison with the same faculties of art schools in Kharkov, Odessa, Moscow and Leningrad Printing faculty of Kyiv Art Institute had a clear focus on printing technologies, while other faculties has focused all attention drawing and art skills. And as a consequence on the printing exhibition held in Moscow in 1927 the best works of Kyiv Art Institute were awarded with diplomas and certificates.

However the problem has not been resolved and in early 30s of XX century there were only 4 specialists with higher technical education in typography in Ukraine and there was no engineer among them. The history of training professional engineers for printing industry only began with the formation of Ukrainian Printing Institute named after Ivan Fedorov.

Highly skilled professionals such as B. Kovalenko, B. Kuslytskyy as well as famous scientists such as Academic P. Rehbinder, professors V. Kasian, A. Sereda; young talents L. Kozarovytskyy, M. Sinyakov, V. Hindlin, G. Lvovska and others were invited to the academic activities.

In the postwar years printing industry in Ukraine and Kyiv developed intensively with great luck of professional staff. Part time trainings for Ukraine has been made in correspondence with Moscow Printing Institute. January 1, 1954 has became the significant date in trainings for engineers of publishing and printing when Training and Consulting Center of Moscow Printing Institute was opened in Kyiv. In 1957 it was transferred to Ukrainian Printing Institute and in August of 1959 furtherly transformed into the Kyiv evening faculty of UPI named after Ivan Fedorov.

Process engineers graduates has been carried out since 1954 when the first received diplomas as process engineers of printing production and had began working at Kyiv's enterprises. They defended their diplomas in Moscow. And in 1960 the first diploma defense for process engineers who became students in 1954 were held in Kyiv. Among them were well-known industry professionals B. Bochkovsky, spouses Ivasyuk, N. Nazarenko, A. Petrov and others.

Preparation for the process engineers since than were led assosiated professors by M. Kulaga and I. Nemchenko. Leading experts in the field were involved in training process. Among them deputy chief of the Ukrainian SSR Holovpolihrafvydavu D. Losev and F. Sawicki; printing factory director J. Tarnopolsky; A. Petrov - graduate of 1960, then director of the typography; chief engineers at color printing factory S. Horbonos and A. Nakonechniy; chief mechanic publisher at "Radyanska Ukraina" D. Voznyuk and others.

The Department of Publishing and Printing Technologies (1995)

The Department of Printing and Publishing Technologies and Economics was established in 1964 (from 1989 - Department of Publishing and Printing Technologies at National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute"). The first head of the Department has became I. Nemchenko (1965-1969), then - V. Lytvyn (1969-1975), Y. Barnych (1975-1989) and A. Rozum (1989-2003). Now the department is headed by doctor Petro Kyrychok.

The Department of Publishing and Printing Technologies (2004)

At different times experienced professors with working experience from printing houses, publishing houses and research institutions had worked within the Department. Among them V. Glushko, F. Sawicki, M. Kulaga, I. Nemchenko, M. Moseyev, V. Labinskiy, F. Logvyn, Y. Orlov and others. A significant contribution to the training of specialists at the Department and solving technical problems in the field had made Y. Gorelik, V. Tremut, L. Shepotynnyk, I. Hetman, T. Starodub, Z. Mazepa. And those professors whom actively work in this field today as well as training future specialists - professor V. Sherstiuk, associate professors L. Vuets, V. Stepanets, T. Kyrychok, A. Morozov, O. Hmilyarchuk, O. Zorenko, senior lecturers K. Chepurna, S. Zyhulya, O. Lototskaya, A. Neshozievskyy, assistants V. Kulbych, O. Gumenyuk, N. Talimonova, N. Strelova and others.

The Department of Publishing and Printing Technologies (2009)

Within the Department in 1986-1996 two production branches were operating. They were based in publishing house "Radyanska Ukraina" (branch head of the department's head, publishing house director, process engineer A. Varenitsa) and UkrNDI (branch head of department, Director of the Institute, higher senior officer, Ph.D. F. Martyniuk). Today the Department continues cooperation with businesses and attracts new partners: printing enterprise "Integrated Printing Plant “Ukraine”, OJSC "Publishing House “Kyivska Pravda”,publishing house "Osvita", OJSC "Knyha", OJSC "Polihrafknyha" and others. The branches of the department were created at printing plant "Ukraine" and in publishing house "Pressa Ukrainy".

For 57 years of training of process engineers for printing production Scientific and Methodological schools were formed at the Department that have made a significant contribution to the development of the publishing and printing industry in Ukraine and trainings for industry, academic and research institutions.

In the early years methodological assistance in preparation of process engineers was provided by professors from Moscow Printing Institute and Ukrainian Printing Institute named after Ivan Fedorov. Among them were the famous professors B. Kovalenko, V. Spitsa, M. Polansky, P. Popryaduhin, M. Sinyakov, M. Slavinska, Y. Jahhimovits and later – G. Tolstoy, R. Mashtalir, S. Gun'ko, E. Lazarenko, R. Mervinskyy, V. Dudyak, P. Pashulya, S. Andreev and others. Some of them had provided scientific consultations on thesis made by our faculty staff and graduates.

At that time (1975) it was necessary to ensure the printing industry in Kyiv had experienced professionals, because there were some complexity of registrations for graduates from Moscow and Lviv and their work in Kyiv has been suspended. At the same time the industry has developed rapidly. Printing and publishing companies were reconstructed and built. An important contribution to the training of process engineers made other departments of the faculty, employing experienced professors: A. Boyko, A. Belous, Z. Sylich, M. Motornyuk; and university professors from other facultiea and institutes of NTUU "KPI" – V. Slushayenko, B. Orel, O. Kostiuchenko and others.

Quality of process engineers trainings at the faculty had significantly improved with the Deans whom had an engineering education: associate professor, Ph.D. A. Petruk (Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine), and subsequently S. Hanzhurov , associate professor, Ph.D., who already had experience as rector of Khmelnytsky Institute of Light Industry.

Scientific and methodological work on training and development of educational documents, bearing the original character, started at the department with new head, associate professor, PhD in economics Yu. Barnych, an experienced practitioner, who had been vice-rector and head of the Department of Economics in Ukrainian Printing Institute named after Ivan Fedorov. Now Yu. Barnych, honored educator of Ukraine, is professor of the Department of Organization of Printing, Publishing and Book Distribution which became independent part of Printing and Publishing Faculty of NTUU "KPI" in 1989.

Since 1954 the Institute has trained more than two thousand process engineers fro printing industry, process engineers fro printing and publishing (since 2003) and research engineers (since 2005), until 1994 - only for evening part time education, and since 1995 - full-time and part time. Diploma Defenses Committees were led by well-known experts: F. Sawicki, V. Glushko, V. Shamrai; Director of "Publishing House “Kyivska Pravda”, member of the Academy of Technology, Honored Worker of Industry of Ukraine I. Kovba, chief technologist Kyiv's offset factory G. Goncharov, director of the legal and HR of "Polihrafimport" V. Popov, PhD., Deputy Director for technical issues "MacHouse" Ltd. M. Siratskyy, Director of Research and Technology Development of Banknote Printing and Minting Works of National Bank of Ukraine M. Starodub.

Diploma projects defense has often occurred at enterprises sector: book factory "Zhovten" (now - JSC "Knyha"), Kyiv Book Factory (now - JSC "Kyiv book factory"), head office of "Polihrafknyha" (now - JSC "Polihrafknyha"), publishing house "Radynska Ukraina" (now - "Pressa Ukrainy").