Since 1959, the Department prepared on 1.03.2005 p. 1353 engineer printing production, 163 bachelors towards 0918 "Light Industry" specialty 7.091807 and 162 bachelors towards 0927 "Publishing and Printing".

Among the graduates of the department of solid waste - two doctors and eight candidates, engineers, researchers and engineers practice. Under their leadership and their participation produced book, newspaper, magazine and other informative publications, packaging, new technologies are being introduced into production new advances in science and technology. Only URISP worked more than 80 of our graduates. Publishing and Printing - interesting, exciting sector of the economy of Ukraine, and the dynasty is born engineers. Not surprisingly, we enrolled children and grandchildren graduate past years.

Every year graduate employment department - 100 percent, particularly in industrial enterprises such as CJSC "Blitz-Inform", LLC "The new printing", OJSC URISP "Poligrafist", "Press Ukraine" PC "Ukraine" SE "These Things" "True Kiev", "Tetra Pak" and so on.