Scientific Schools and projects

The department has established many MSW schools and applied nature areas:

  • improve the performance properties of printing equipment Finishing-strengthening methods of processing (founder and director since 2002. Prof. Dr. P. Kyrychok). Conduct research, obtained 20 patents published 3 books, defended 2 doctoral, (prepared 2 more), 3 candidate, published 102 articles and abstracts, a program of courses, which added to the curriculum, the textbook, guidance and proposed discipline module for the Centre for training and retraining of specialists at IPP NTU "KPI"; involved graduate students and undergraduates to research projects;

  • control plate run printing plates (founder and CEO since 1975. Associate Professor AF mind), conduct research, postgraduate program published four monographs, defended four PhD thesis, published 85 articles; 4 received certificates of recognition; a program, a course of discipline "Physical and chemical bases tyrazhestiykosti printing plates", which included in the curriculum; published a manual, guidelines for tests, which are also used in the Ukrainian Academy of Printing (UAH works, m. Lviv); proposed discipline module for the Centre for training and retraining of specialists IPP NTU "KPI"; involved students and undergraduates to scientific research;

  • development processes Finishing-hardening processing machine parts and mechanisms (founder and director since 1984. Professor P. Kyrychok): protected 2 doctoral dissertations, published over 100 articles, 2 monographs, received 16 patents;

  • physico-chemical basis of sensitivity materials (founder and director since 1994. Professor VP Sherstiuk): developed two courses "Theoretical Foundations of photos and copy processes", "Physico-chemical basis of printing production", published a monograph "phototransfer electrons and ego prykladnыe aspects, "published 65 articles and theses, including 3 publications in international scientific journals. The scientific work involved students and undergraduates;

  • physico-chemical basis of flat printing (founder and leader in the years 1975-2000 Associate Professor VS Labinskiy), published two monographs, obtained 10 patents USSR published 86 articles, abstracts;

  • Special methods of printing and packaging design technology (founder and CEO since 1990. Associate Professor LG Vuets): an open individual specialization developed program and course subjects included in the curriculum; proposed module for TSPPKF discipline; from the 2003/04 school year licensed new specialty 7.092703 - "Technology development, production and packaging design."

  • stabilization processes play information contact printing of elements (head Prof. Dr. A. Velichko). Conducted theoretical and empirical research; published 67 research papers in national and international journals; received 4 copyright certificates, 5 patents of Ukraine; 9 made presentations at scientific conferences Ukrainian and international level, two trains graduate students; developed (in part) for this type of state budget themes number 2395, № 2653; received two diplomas Ministry of Education of Ukraine (2003 and 2004) to attract students to science.