Scientific Seminars

The Department has periodically invited to conduct scientific seminars and lectures famous experts and scholars of the industry. Thus in 2004 Head of the Depatrment of Publishing and Editing in National Kyiv University Professor M. Tymoshyk, professors, D.Sc. From Ukrainian Academy of Printing E. Lazarenko, O. Polyudov, S. Gavenko and professors of Stuttgart Higher School Libertrut Hartmann, Erich Steiner had lectures. In September 2005 associate professor, Ph.D. O. Velichko had conducted lecture to enhance the professional development in printing industry.


In January 2005 a workshop with a firm "Heidelberg-Ukraine" took place which was attended by professor Helmut Kipphen, author of "The Encyclopedia of print media," professor Karol Kovalchuk, a specialist of «Heidelberg» in technology of prepress processes, Ph.D. ., president of "Heidelberg-Ukraine" Yu. Shostachuk and others.


Company "Heidelberg-Ukraine" was held on 15.11-17.11.2005 Printmedia seminar for teachers in higher education in Ukraine. The workshops aimed at generalization and systematization of the latest trends in prepress, printing, post printing processes and equipment standardization and automation of production and was attended by Dr. Wolfgang Wallowa and «Heidelberg» specialist with web offset presses Vladimir Misiyuk.


In December 2005 MacHouse and representative of X-Rite (US) Stanislav Shulla hold seminar devoted to modern methods and instruments of quality control of printed products.


In 2007 for specialists of publishing and printing industry and students seminar "Problems of production to produce corrugated board" took place within the Department.