Best Graduates

Leading work positions in enterprises as well as in research and education in Kyiv and other cities of Ukraine are hold by dozens of graduates of the Department. Among them:


B. Bochkovsky - deputy director of the publishing house "Muzychna Ukraina";

V. Brylytskyy - president of the company "Convi" (master degree in 2004);

V. Boiko - Chief Engineer OJSC "Polihrafknyha";

J. Wei - during training - foreman, then manager of a number of printing companies in Kyiv;

O. Velichko - D.Sc., Professor, Head of the Department of Reprography, PPI;

V. Verevkina - head of production in "Univest Marketing" company;

V. Vinyarski - director of typography at Military Academy and at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine;

V. Volkov - director of Fastiv city typography;

O. Zaslavsky - during training - foreman, then deputy chief engineer in branch publishing house "Pressa Ukrainy";

O. Zorenko - PhD, Associate Professor of the Department;

N. Kovalchuk - technologist at "Heidelberg Ukraine";

M. Nechiporenko - D.Sc., Professor, now – technical director for «Sun Chemical - Moskovskiye pechatnye kraski";

O. Pimenov - director of Kyiv's offset factory;

V. Samusev - director of the Publishing House "Reklama";

A. Susol - head of the printing at National Pedagogic University;

L. Taran - chief technologist of the publishing house "Pressa Ukrainy";

M. Yaroshenko - president of the board of JSC "Knyha" and others.


In recent years:


A. Hubernachuk - head of the printing production of typography of JSC "Blitz-Inform":

V. Koromyslov - manager at «MacHouse»;

V. Kurashyna - technologist at "Heidelberg Ukraine".

M. Merezhko - chief editor of «Print Week».

V. Misiyuk - manager at "Heidelberg Ukraine";

A. Pashkovskyi - technologist at Rubizhne cardboard plant;

M. Filimonchuk - technologist at publishing center of National Kyiv University;

R. Khokhlov (Stepanets) - PhD., assistant professor at the Department of Reprography;

A. Sergienko - chief technologist at "Univest-Print"