Lecturer of solid waste in 2008-2011. Ukraine obtained 29 patents, published 5 books, 1 manual, 303 articles and abstracts of conferences, including international, 15 teaching aids.

Teachers of the department continue to actively work in the field, conducting lectures and seminars (in the enterprise PC "Ukraine" April-May 2011), consultations of company employees to actively manage the research work of students actively participate in international, national, industry, university conferences and exhibitions, published in industry journals, collection of scientific papers IPP NTU "KPI" "Technology and printing Technology".

Research work of students

Students of MSW are actively involved in research work. In particular, in 2010, involved 27 students (bachelors and masters) specialties "Technology publications" and "technology development, production and packing design", working under the guidance of prof. Sherstyuk VP, Assoc. Hmilyarchuk AI, Assoc. Stepanets V., Assoc. TY Kyrychok Assoc. OV Zorenko.

The studies published in scientific collections industry, reported at national and international conferences.

In the International Competition, conducted scientific-methodical center of higher education MON Ukraine, packers and club magazine "Packaging" in nomination "The technology and equipment manufacturing packaging materials and packaging" participated in 2008 10 students in 2009 - 9 students. The winners of the international competition of students' scientific works on actual problems of packaging industry became Ulchenko S. (2008) J. Wise (2009), and T. Zhurylo Savchenko K. (2010) and was awarded a gold medal and diploma of Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

 The Department has scientific groups:

With the development of technological processes Finishing-hardening process of printing equipment parts - head prof. Kyrychok PA

With the development of theoretical foundations of printing color reproduction: theoretical and experimental study of color correction. - Head Assoc. Stepanets V.

Development, design and production of packaging products - head prof. Kyrychok PA

The influence of offset paper and paint to color and saturation characteristics of banknote prints - Assoc. TY Kyrychok

Assoc. Zorenko Oksana currently is a member of the scientific school of Prof. Velichko Elena, or its theoretical and applied aspects of publishing and printing industry, including: emulsification and consolidation of hybrid inks; printing and technical properties of paper ofortnoho new composite structure; investigation printing on PVC plastic.

 At faculty doctoral and postgraduate

Management graduate students engaged prof. Kyrychok PA, prof. Shevchuk AV Assoc. Kyrychok TY Sci. Sherstiuk VP

Protect held specialty 05.05.01 "Machines and printing production processes."

Head of Special Scientific Council HAC is Dr. Sc. Sciences, Professor Peter A. Kyrychok.

Secretary - Ph.D., associate professor Kovalev Viktor Yushchenko.

In the 2003-2011 biennium. Defended their theses:

Zorenko Oksana "Patterns of transfer surface layer of rubberized fabric cloth offset flat printing ink and wetting solution" (05.05.01). Supervisor: Ph.D., Associate Professor, Mind AF

Dmitri Pavlovich Yelagin "Improving the reliability and durability of bimetallic products by Finishing-hardening process" (05.02.02). Supervisor: Professor Kyrychok PA

Rosalie A. Khokhlov "Patterns of interference layers of varnish and paint in the printing process offset flat printing" (05.05.01).
Supervisor - Professor A. Velichko

Oleinik Vladimir G. "Improving the quality and performance properties of printing machinery parts" (05.05.01). Supervisor: Professor Kyrychok PA

Hmilyarchuk Olga Illarionovna "Technological quality assurance and performance properties of printing machinery parts Finishing-firming treatment" (05.05.01). Supervisor: Professor Kyrychok PA

 Chepurna Ekaterina "Improving process operation paint rollers small-format offset presses" (05.05.01). Supervisor - Professor A. Velichko

Vitsyuk Julia "Ensuring the longevity bearings based on copper and nickel to improve printing machines" (05.05.01). Supervisor - Professor TA Royik

 Kozik Alexander M. "Technological support processes prepress elements of fuzzy logic" (05.05.01). Supervisor: Professor Kyrychok PA

Neshoziyevskyy Anton Viktorovich "Technological support operational properties of printing equipment based production control system" (05.05.01). Supervisor: Professor Kyrychok PA

 In 2003 launched collection of papers IPP NTU "KPI" - "Technology and Printing Technology" (state registration certificate KB №7154 from Since April 2003 p.), Which is a list of professional editions of.

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