Teaching process in preparation of future technology experts carried out by professors and teaching staff in specialized laboratories:

- Computer processing of text and graphic information;
- Forming processes;
- Printing processes technology;
- Binding processes technology;
- Printing Materials.

Study course and diploma projects can take place in educational and industrial typography of the Institute and in premises of branches of the department in publishing house "Pressa Ukrainy" and printing plant "Ukraine" where students can take classes in separate classrooms equipped with computers and devices for quality control. The branch of the Department is going to be created at the printing company ELO for the organization of the research center for printing materials' certification at the premises of the company.

In a demonstration laboratory and at the center of the company "Heidelberg-Ukraine" laboratory classes are conducted with students and teachers of the Department of Machinery and Units of Printing Presses. In the printing labs educational-methodical literature and application forms necessary for the operation of the department are printed.

Practical and laboratory trainings in prepress and printing processes that require modern equipment and controls equipment are conducted by teaching staff of the Department of Machinery and Units of Printing Presses and the Department of Publishing and Printing on unique offset machine GTO-52, master prints equipment, and laboratory of manufacturing processes. All of the equipment was transferred to PPI from Heidelberg (Germany) on permanent basis. The laboratory is equipped with a computer-printing processes and preprint equipment by Heidelberg (computer typing and typesetting, master print machine, equipment for prints). The department receives ongoing support from printing companies such as publishing plant "Ukraina", publishing houses "Pressa Ukrainy", "Kyivska Pravda", holding company Blitz Inform, printing plant “Polihrafknyha”, JSC “Knyha”, JSC “Notna Fabryka” and companies "Heidelberg-Ukraine", "Intertechprint", "Printing Systems", "Press Service +" and others to provide spare parts, consumable printing materials, transport, repair facilities. Therefore, the Department is fully (100%) equipped with instruments and materials for laboratory and practical trainings.

Teaching staff and students have access to the Internet as a source of information in the library and computer classes at the university. The Department's computer center equipped with modern computers and software. The Department uses computer equipment provided by printing plant "Ukraina", Department of Reprography, Department of Machinery and Units of Printing Presses and Typography magazine. Laboratory classes on computer science are carried out in computer classes of NTUU "KPI" and at the branch at printing plant "Ukraina" with original licensed programs and with methodical guidances developed by professors of specialized departments.

To provide modern teaching process within the Department there are other equipment - projector, epidiascope, videos, diskettes, posters, catalogs and prospectuses to study prepress, printing and finishing processes, modern computers.