Admission to the master's degree

If you want to continue your studies after receiving a bachelor's degree, you can enter the department of printing technology VPI KPI. Igor Sikorsky for a master's degree. You will receive the next level of higher education - a master's degree in an educational program (specialization) Technologies of printed and electronic publications.

Training at this educational level lasts 1 year 4 months or 1 year 9 months, depending on the chosen program of study - educational-professional or educational-scientific.

If you are entering the master's program, you will need to take a single entrance exam in a foreign language in the form of an EIT, and to do this - register for the EIT from May 12 to June 5 (until 18.00) and July 1 to pass English, German, Spanish or French . This year, the only entrance exam in a foreign language must pass all entrants to the master's program KPI. Igor Sikorky without exception. The only entrance exam in a foreign language or simply an external examination in a foreign language for admission to a master's degree will be conducted under the same program as for admission to the first year on the basis of complete general secondary education, except for parts "Written speech" and "Language comprehension by ear" . Applicants to the master's program will consist only of the parts "Reading" and "Use of language". Last year's external evaluation results are not credited - if you passed last year, you must retake it.

Have you decided to change your profession after receiving a bachelor's degree? There is no need to take an additional entrance exam this year.

This year, the documents for admission to the master's program are submitted exclusively electronically. Up to 5 applications can be submitted by state order, the number of applications for baskets of individuals and / or legal entities is not limited.

The procedure for admission to the master's degree

Procedure of registration of EMI / EFVV graduates of the the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, who wish to enter the master's program

Procedure for registration at the EMI / EFVV of master's entrants who have completed their studies in previous years or are enrolling after the completion of another higher education institution this year

Specialized session of the EMI for master's entrants who for one reason or another could not pass or want to retake a single entrance exam in a foreign language

Admission to the master's program based on the results of a specially organized EVI session

The order of organization and conduct of entrance examinations

Regulations on admission to the master's degree

Program of complex professional test for admission to the master's program in 186 Publishing and Printing

Schedule of professional tests

About master's degree

List of documents

Cost of education

Rules of admission to the master's degree

Step-by-step instructions for registration and submission of electronic applications for master's degree entrants through the electronic cabinet

Volumes of the state order for the second (master's) level of higher education

Deadlines for applying for a master's degree on the basis of a master's degree (specialist)

Selection Committee